Best Unsecured Business Capital Loans 2020

Best Unsecured Business Capital Loans 2020. Looking for an unsecured business capital loan? If so, then you are in the right place.
For entrepreneurs, working capital is like fuel to drive a vehicle. Even though venture capital is not the only key to success, without adequate venture capital, the business can stagnate.
Best Unsecured Business Capital Loans 2020. But calm down, because it turns out that there are many business capital loan facilities without requiring collateral. These service providers are increasingly diverse, ranging from conventional banks to fintech (financial technology).

Not a few business capital loan providers also offer convenience in the submission process, speed of disbursement of funds, and affordable interest and fees.

Working capital loans from peer-to-peer (P2P) lending services
Business capital loans from P2P lending are superior because of the convenience they provide. Although not all of them, most services can be accessed online via the official website or application.

However, because loan funds are crowdfunded funds, you have to be a little patient waiting for the funds to be disbursed. Generally, the time required to apply for a loan starts from 3-7 working days after the document is received.

My capital

Modalku is a P2P that provides business capital loan facilities without collateral for small and medium business owners (SMEs). Business capital that can be obtained starts from IDR 50 million to IDR 2 billion with a loan tenor of up to 24 months

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To apply for additional business capital, you can choose the KoinBisnis service on the Koinworks site.
Like Modalku, Koinworks can also provide capital loans of up to IDR 2 billion. You can choose a loan tenor from 6 months to 24 months.


Martha is one of the pioneers of online P2P lending in Indonesia that provides micro-business capital loans as well as money management assistance.
Interestingly, loan applications can be made in groups, at least 15-20 people. Later, each business owner is required to attend training to build commitment and joint responsibility in repaying loans.


To develop your business, you can also get additional capital from Akseleran. Loans can be made online, simply by completing personal data in the form of KTP, bank account numbers, and NPWP.


Investee offers business capital loans with ceilings ranging from IDR 50 million to IDR 1 billion. Meanwhile, loan tenure options are available from 3 to 24 months.
Interest on working capital loans from Investree starts from 12-20 percent per year

Micro People Business Credit by banks

People’s Business Credit (KUR) is the financing provided by banks to micro, small, medium enterprises, and cooperatives (UMKMK). This facility is a government policy to empower UMKMK.
KUR can be submitted by individuals or productive business groups who want to apply for a bank loan but do not have collateral.
Even so, KUR prioritizes customers who have businesses in the agricultural, fishery and marine, industrial, forestry, and financial services sectors.

Bank BCA Business Personal Loan

Business Personal Loan is a working capital credit facility from BCA bank that can be submitted without attaching collateral. This business loan is available with a limit starting from IDR 30-300 million. Loan payments can be made with a tenor of 1-3 years.
The drawback of this loan is that you will be charged additional fees if you pay off the loan before the installment period ends. This initial repayment fee is 3 percent of the remaining loan.